News : Marlon Samuels in trouble : Match Fixing

There is more bad news for the West Indian cricket team, which recently lost its four-match series against India 3-1.

All-rounder Marlon Samuels has been accused of leaking confidential information related to the first one-dayer in Nagpur.
The police say they have a tape in which Samuels can be clearly heard revealing confidential team information in phone conversations with bookie Mukesh Kochar.
The Nagpur police say it isn’t a case of match fixing and that there is no indication of any financial commitment just yet. But it does constitute a violation of the ICC Code of Conduct.
Kochar, incidentally, is said to have links with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.
“The discussion was giving an indication that the caller who was talking to the all-rounder knows that they will be fielding. He was asking for only the fielding details. This was quite intriguing, and that is how we tried to monitor it,” said Amitesh Kumar, DCP, Nagpur.
Serious matter

The police have submitted a report and the transcripts of the conversations to the BCCI and the ICC.
And though the Indian Board has denied receiving a formal submission, it confirms that the matter will go to the apex body.
“The matter has been taken to the ICC, and the anti-corruption unit of the ICC has already swung into action. It’s been reported to them and they will be investigating the whole issue with the co-operation of the Nagpur police. The whole matter will be accordingly reported to the West Indies Cricket Board also,” said Rajeev Shukla, Vice-President, BCCI.
‘No information’

Meanwhile, in its first official statement so far, when NDTV contacted the West Indies Cricket Board via e-mail, the board said they have not been officially contacted and have no information from the BCCI or the ICC.
The West Indies Board has promised to initiate a complete investigation into the allegations and added that that they have a zero tolerance policy to gambling, drugs and racism.
This position was also incorporated into the players’ contracts.
However, they said that they would not act on rumour or gossip and will not be panicked and that the matter will be investigated and appropriate action taken in keeping with the ICC regulations.


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