2010 Cancer Horoscope | 2010 Cancer Astrology | Cancer 2010 Horoscope | Cancer 2010 Astrology

Horoscope 2010 – GENERAL

Developing an intimate relationship figures strongly in your 2010 forecast, dear Cancer. Learning to share on financial and intimate levels brings you some measure of joy. Money matters make big headlines. A bigger drive for security is with you this year, and re-organizing your home and domestic life comes into play. Other people’s money may come your way or you might secure some real estate. A partner’s resources could have a significant impact on your home life. Finding joy in developing intimacy is featured, and this is a year in which you develop and enhance your sexuality on a deep level. Work could be moving towards more research and investigation. The work you do could be supported by your spouse’s money or other people’s money in general, such as work in finance. Sponsoring or supporting other people can reap rewards. New or changed responsibilities around the home or towards family also figures this year. Some cancers will secure a new home and/or property. Many will enjoy sound returns on their investments. September brings the strongest period for romance and fun to you.


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