2010 Scorpio Horoscope | 2010 Scorpio Astrology | Scorpio 2010 Horoscope | Scorpio 2010 Astrology

Horoscope 2010 – GENERAL

A total transformation of your personal life is in the works in 2010, dear Scorpio. Activity on the home front and in your personal life is energetic. You could be making money from home, acquiring new items for the home that involve networking, and devoting much energy to building and maintaining your “nest”. You can expect wonderful support from–and for–your family. Some of you might move to a better home or enhance the one you have. Some will be working from home. Your family could expand in some manner, or you could expand your real estate possessions. You might find that you have less friends now, but good ones. Work matters are strong, although it’s not a year for big headlines in the career department. Romance is changeful. You are becoming considerably more conservative in your outlook towards money, which is a big change from last year. You are looking at the long-term, which is healthy for you now. You have a greater need for privacy and “down time” in general this year, even if you don’t know it! You are learning that a less hectic social schedule is valuable, and you are working on your fear of this. September is an exceptionally busy and prosperous month in 2010 for you.


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