2010 Virgo Horoscope | 2010 Virgo Astrology | Virgo 2010 Horoscope | Virgo 2010 Astrology

Horoscope 2010 – GENERAL

2010 is certainly an easier year for you than was the case in the second half of 2006 and throughout much of 2007, dear Virgo. This year, you find more joy in your daily routines. Although work can be rather hectic at times, you tend to enjoy taking care of all the details. A move towards working out of the home is likely for many of you. If you have been trying to land a dream job, this is more likely to occur now. Romance could be on the serious or practical side in 2010. Avoid over-analyzing your relationships, or treating them more like businesses. Turning a hobby or favorite pastime into a job could also figure. Partnership ups and downs continue to be a theme, as you struggle with matters of freedom and dependency. Sexual experimentation and liberation is also a theme in 2010. Finances are a serious matter for you this year, and you could take pleasure in building your resources and analyzing your cash flow. There is a fine line between financial discipline and worrying excessively about financial details, however.


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