2010 Capricorn Horoscope | 2010 Capricorn Astrology | Capricorn 2010 Horoscope | Capricorn 2010 Astrology

Horoscope 2010 – GENERAL

A year-long trend towards greater abundance of personal income is in your forecast, dear Capricorn. You could never be defined as a materialistic person, but your attention this year is certainly on the more material, physical, and practical areas of your life. At the root of this focus is the desire for increased freedom, and you instinctively feel that taking care of your practical affairs will help you to eventually enjoy more freedom of movement. In 2010, you have especially strong feelings about your career, reputation, income, and possessions. Increased responsibilities in general and in your career figure, and are actually important for your development. While there are no shortcuts or totally lucky breaks in your career this year, you are likely to derive much satisfaction from your achievements that come from your hard work. You are noticed and recognized for your natural talents on the job, and you could be busy re-investing money into your career. Some of you will be making money from esoteric endeavors or through work behind the scenes. Learning and education are areas of your life that undergo the most change. Contentment, rather than changefulness, figures in the love department this year. Love finds you most easily in April and from mid-November to the end of the year.


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